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Tea leaf Packing Foil

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Tea wrapped in aluminum foil

Colors: blue, silver, gold, red, purple, green, or customized
Material: 8011 aluminum foil, aluminum foil paper (tin foil paper)
Thickness: 0.012 mm
Size: 7cm*7cm, 8cm*8cm, 9cm*9cm, 10cm*10cm or customized
Surface: plaid pattern, smooth surface, orange peel pattern
Printing: logo text
Packing: 100 sheets of colorful square aluminum foil per package
Material: food grade aluminum foil, 99% pure aluminum +1% printing
Treatment: printing, embossing, cutting

USES: chocolate, tea, moon cake, egg, apple, handicraft packing, flower packing, toy packing and so on.

Tip: color tin foil does not withstand high temperature, can not be cooked;
Silver tinfoil can be steamed, high temperature resistance.

There are three kinds of packing tinfoil: glossy tinfoil, fine grid, orange peel tinfoil.

Color: gold, green, purple, red, silver, blue, purple pink, embossed gold, orange, coffee, etc

USES: chocolate packaging, tea packaging, moon cake packaging, crafts packaging, ice cream Popsicle packaging, toys packaging, hair products, eggs packaging, health care products packaging.

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