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Pressure-sensitive gasket

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 Pressure-sensitive aluminium foil gasket:

1. Product description
PS foam composite pressure sensitive adhesive, can add aluminum foil and anti - mutual mucosa.Pressure sensitive gasket can be used in glass bottles, various plastic bottles and hoses.No additional equipment is required for use.It has simple technology, low price, convenient use and good sealing performance.It is suitable for the sealed packing of medicine, food, cosmetics and some chemical products.

2. Method of use
Users only need to tell the manufacturer the required specifications and sizes (according to the bottle mouth), and the manufacturer will supply according to their requirements.When using, the user just needs to put the seal on the bottom of the cap (the printed side is towards the bottom of the cap), and then tighten the cap.After 120 minutes or so, when the cap is removed, the pressure-sensitive material is glued tightly to the top of the bottle, achieving the purpose of sealing.

3. Several problems that should be paid attention to in use and transportation and storage conditions
* there should be no water, oil or other substances at the mouth of the bottle.
* the bottle mouth should be a complete plane with no notch or bump.
* the gap between the bottom of the cap and the mouth of the bottle is zero before tightening.
* the adhesive layer should be kept clean and free from contamination.
* keep below 70F (21c) and avoid direct exposure to sunlight.


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