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production method of composite aluminum foil paper

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The invention relates to a production method of composite aluminum foil paper
Aluminum foil because of its excellent characteristics, widely used in food, beverage, tobacco, medicines, household products etc., are usually used as the wrapping material, usually used when used in food packaging and food paper aluminum foil composite paper, composite paper have blocking performance is good, good waterproof performance, and the problems and disadvantages of the structure is: in the containment of the composite paper ability is weak, due to can't completely prevent oil and oil food oil and other oils is lost.

The technical problem solved by the utility model is to provide a composite aluminum foil paper which is used for packaging oily food and has a good barrier ability and a good oil control and oil prevention ability.
Of this utility model adopts the technical scheme is that a kind of composite aluminum foil, aluminum foil, paper, food paper described the aluminum foil and food from top to bottom once forming, described the aluminum foil and food under the surface of paper surface through the adhesive layer in the high temperature of 110 degrees to 120 degrees Celsius in the environment of adhesive composite become an organic whole, described on aluminum foil surface also has a different color ink layer, food paper described the surface by coating process is equipped with a layer of light oil reservoir.
The technical scheme, used in food packaging paper adhesive surface with a layer of aluminum foil, aluminum foil with high separation performance, lightweight room temperature long shelf life and other advantages, make food not easy be affected with damp be affected with damp, to avoid the ordinary food packaged food to save time is not long, waste and loss situation, in addition, aluminum foil surface can also according to need different color printing ink, improve the effect of packaging decoration, food set light oil under the surface, it can prevent food oils is lost, good oil control effect.

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