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Cigarette packaging aluminum foil chocolate gum packaging aluminum foil

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Cigarette packaging aluminum foil chocolate gum packaging aluminum foil

Aluminum foil and all kinds of paper processed by adhesive, including single-sided foil, double-sided foil, paper double-sided foil foil three, used in cigarettes, food, and other industries;Can be directly used in candy, butter, ice cream, chocolate, cakes, and other packaging.

Material: aluminum foil 0.007mm+28g-80g aluminum foil lining paper thickness: 50mic-100mic can be made into a variety of colors and embossing slitting.Accept slitting in rolls and sheets.Specifications: 65g×8.0 ×1500M/ volume

Good electrical conductivity thermal conductivity, compared with other metals can achieve excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, meet the requirements of small, light, high performance.

Moistureproof effect
After strict inspection of the tolerance of sealing, in medicine, food, cigarettes and other areas of packaging also received great support.

Heat insulation effect
Aluminum foil insulation effect and light characteristics are widely used in building interior and exterior decoration, insulation and roof materials.

Aluminum foil to protect the quality of food clean, ensure fresh products from all external influences.Become the guard of delicacy and nutrition.

The outer layer of aluminum foil can be printed, embossed, colored and printed with all kinds of patterns, making the package very beautiful.

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