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What is the paper used to pack chocolate and cigarettes?

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What is the paper used to pack chocolate and cigarettes?
Traditionally it was all aluminum tin foil, but now it's all aluminum foil instead.This is because most of the current aluminum foil is made by vacuum coating technology, with relatively low cost and stable chemical properties. Most of the aluminum foil is made by mechanical calending, with a high price, which is far less widely used than aluminum foil.Foil or aluminum foil packaging chocolate and cigarettes are the main role of sealing, moisture-proof, dark, and a certain degree of heat insulation.For example, chocolate, generally speaking, chocolate is best to buy immediately after eating, if really want to preserve, the best place to put the temperature is 12~18 degrees, should avoid light, water and smell.Under such conditions, the fat crystals in chocolate can remain stable, the product is firm with brittleness, and the appearance maintains a bright color.Good dark chocolate lasts longer than milk or white chocolate.Factory chocolates usually last about a year, and those made by hand with fresh chocolate desserts are best eaten as soon as possible.Although chocolate is not prone to spoilage, when the temperature reaches 20 degrees Celsius, the cocoa butter content inside melts and begins to separate. Refreezing sets a white frosting on the surface that affects flavor.So chocolate is usually wrapped in foil and stored in a freezer.Second, the environment is best kept dry, with a maximum relative humidity of 65%.Moisture in the air has a great impact on the quality of chocolate, especially for a long storage time. Chocolate products that have not been sealed are prone to the so-called frost phenomenon, or even deteriorate after absorbing water vapor.Winter is the best time to taste chocolate. If the atmosphere temperature is below 20 degrees Celsius, just store it in a cool, airy place.When summer temperature is higher, put in freezer of freezer of lower level, do not put in freezer.In addition, do not open the chocolate immediately when you take it out of the refrigerator. Let it return to room temperature and then open it. The outer layer of the chocolate will not affect the appearance and taste of condensation.

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