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Is there any way to keep chocolate for a long time without it melting?

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Is there any way to keep chocolate for a long time without it melting?
After chocolate is refrigerated in freezer, once take out, fall in room temperature condition namely can produce a layer of hoar frost on the surface, go mouldy very easily go bad, lose original taste.
Correct method of preservation:
Chocolate is a kind of and delicate snacks, although the chocolate itself is not easy to corrupt spoiled, but because of the cocoa butter is the only one in more than 20 oc will melt grease, so as long as the room temperature is higher, chocolate begins to soften, once the softening, even if again frozen solid, taste also have some differences, so buy and save will be very careful.

When buying chocolate, if you can see the chocolate itself, you must pay attention to whether the surface is smooth or not. If the surface is bright, it means the chocolate is well preserved and fresh.Because chocolate in the high temperature, not only will soften and fat separation (commonly known as sweating), frozen surface will produce a white fog of material, this does not represent the chocolate spoiled or moldy, only cocoa butter separation condensation results, can still be used, but the flavor is not as fresh to the sweet smooth and delicate.At the same time, chocolate is best wrapped in aluminum foil, which insulates the chocolate from other flavors while keeping them out.
Chocolate preservation temperature is best in 15oC~20oC, chocolate bought home, can immediately practical finished the best, if there is left, put in a cool place.If the room temperature is really high, keep it in the refrigerator, but never in the freezer. The chocolate will become too hard and the surface of the fog will be more serious, so keep it in the freezer.Do not take out the chocolate from the refrigerator to eat immediately, let it warm at room temperature before eating more appropriate.
The shelf life of chocolate is usually about one year, but it varies with the contents.Especially add fresh milk (or milk ingredients), hazelnut type chocolate products, because milk and hazelnut preservation period is not long, relatively shortened the chocolate preservation period, when buying not only pay attention to the manufacturing date, when saving at home also remember to eat as soon as possible.

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