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Characteristics of aluminum foil

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Characteristics of aluminum foil
Good conductivity.It makes food better for heating, baking, and even freezing.
Two, health, disposable use.
Third, environmental protection, recycling.Cater to the global rational use of resources concept, maintain the earth environment.
Four, green packaging, harmless to the body.Do not release harmful substances, use with confidence.

Aluminum foil can make your business (store) more sanitary, baked food more fragrant, improve the image and grade in the hearts of customers, relatively high cost performance, is your ideal choice!
Usage of aluminum foil:
Most aluminum foil is shiny on one side and dull on the other.Food can be wrapped on both sides of aluminum foil. It is usually recommended to wrap the food on bright side to improve the heat transfer effect.
Development trend of aluminum foil products:
In today's increasingly strong awareness of environmental protection and food safety, aluminum foil products are becoming more and more popular, and in the expo aluminum foil meal boxes shine, aluminum foil products will quickly enter daily life.

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