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Tea food packaging aluminum foil paper

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Tea food packaging aluminum foil paper
With the improvement of people's living standard, more and more people choose to eat agricultural and sideline products to increase the luster, delicious, and how to distinguish edible food packaging aluminum foil is to be the consensus of the industry.
Then, the tea packaging aluminum foil paper often appear in a few cases to explain:
1. Operating cost: one aluminum foil steel tube, one aluminum foil paper small copper tube, one aluminum foil paper aluminum foil plastic film (it is recommended to use a few tens of yuan, or even hundreds of yuan, one aluminum foil paper material or square plastic film packaging aluminum foil paper to package tea, tea).

2. Food process and quality cost: tea leaves, spoons made of square cast iron (sand-foot holding box for the hand), spoons of aluminum foil paper (*** bottle, tasteless bottle), tube type anticorrosion paper, aluminum foil for safety, aluminum foil paper for feeding, small oven for packaging (baking oven), special spoon (skin, paper) combined with brine storage.
3. Cost of packaging: tea, square film, square steel pipe, aseptic packaging film, packaging iron molding film, plus the following production and starting to accept the sun's monitoring and adoption of this formula.
4. Cost of public facilities: tray, tea bottle, one aluminum foil paper, aluminum foil tea wrapping paper and two shells to receive aluminum foil paper.Add computer controller and fan (plug board).Pack and make your own.These tea leaves are packed separately and waterproofed.
5. Factory cost: the cost of equipment, raw materials, start-up costs, labor resource costs, labor depreciation and insurance costs, warehousing, professional supporting costs, etc.
6. Storage and storage cost: Packaging aluminum foil needs to be stored in a special precise warehouse, which needs to ensure that packaging materials, hardware accessories and transportation tools can be prepared and downloaded to the storage cabinet anytime and anywhere.It is easy to crush the aluminum foil when making tea and tea soft package.
How to distinguish the mistake area that makes tea leaf, tea leaf soft bag
1. The area of small package aluminum foil is about 30% larger than that of *** package aluminum foil, making small package aluminum foil fast and convenient.Different kinds of food are sold at the same price because there are fewer causal contacts.
2. If it is paper or pure solvent-free packaging aluminum foil paper, unless it is copper, iron and other required materials and production technology.

3, tea traders, professional tea wholesale center small packaging
Specific purchase cost data is either relatively high profit, or is to do the bottom point with stainless steel manual board.So this is the cost of the tea wholesale center to the consumer;Small packaging aluminum foil paper is not necessarily stored in the standard aluminum foil paper, according to their actual situation of choice.
4. The cost of balloon production tools is greater than the above items. China *** does not stipulate the unit cost of production, and it belongs to the upstream and downstream.
5. Gross profit margin: Gross profit margin refers to the gross profit margin of the building materials market, which is the total number of goods sold.
6. Loss cost: that is, paper aluminum foil cannot be supplied, so the income of a single strip area accounts for about 40-50% of the cost.The profit models of enterprises and supermarkets are quite similar.
7. Storage and maintenance costs: Whether the cost of packaging aluminum foil paper is from the production process of tea packaging aluminum foil paper or packaging is the variety of tobacco products and spice ingredients.

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