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Aluminum foil composite film material

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Aluminum foil composite film material
Aluminum foil is a very thin form formed by high purity aluminum after many calendering, is an excellent heat conductor and shading body, packaging aluminum foil purity in 99.5% above.
Aluminum plating film
Vacuum aluminizing film is a kind of film that deposited the vapor precipitation of aluminum on various substrates under the condition of high vacuum. The thickness of aluminizing film is generally 350 to 400A.

Characteristics of aluminum foil composite film
Good mechanical strength, light weight, no heat bonding, with metal luster, good shading, light has strong reflection ability, not easy to be corroded, good barrier, moistureproof and waterproof, strong air tightness, and has the fragrance.
Characteristics of aluminized film
Metal luster, gas barrier, adhesion viscosity is not high, after complex processing easy to appear aluminized layer transfer phenomenon.
Aluminum foil composite applications
Medical packaging base material, high temperature cooking food packaging, barrier packaging (flavor, flavor) and electromagnetic shielding packaging.
Application of aluminized film
Light weight, non - cooking barrier packaging, such as seaweed packaging, puffed food, biscuit food packaging.

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