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Chocolate Foil Paper

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Chocolate composite paper aluminum foil wrapping paper

Product specification: 0.014mm
Shelf life: 12 months
Material: colorful aluminum foil composite paper (wax paper, wax paper oil-proof and moisture-proof, ordinary paper oil-proof)
Product name: composite aluminum foil;
Material: aluminum foil + paper;
Thickness: aluminum foil (0.0065mm) ,Paper (32 GSM)
Processing methods: composite + printing + (embossing) + cutting;
Size: 12 * 12cm;

USES: can be used for packaging chocolate, nougat, black sugar, brown sugar, ginger sugar, pu 'er tuo tea, zen tea, dragon pearl tea, chewing gum, cigarette, handmade origami and so on

Features: the surface of composite aluminum paper with fine embossing, because of the characteristics of paper, easy to spring off after wrapping, it is recommended to use with adhesive labels;

Material: 8011-o state, surface printing pattern, temperature: -20℃ -- 200℃.The characteristics of aluminum foil are: light weight, with a good metal luster to avoid light, heat and light has a high reflection ability, metal luster and reflection ability can improve the brightness of printing color: isolation is good, strong protection, not through gas and water vapor, prevent the contents of absorption, gasification, not easy to be harmed by bacteria and insects;Good shape stability, not affected by the change of humidity.Easy to process, so it is widely used in food packaging and other fields.

Only silver can be steamed, and other printing colors cannot, because printing ink will evaporate after high temperature cooking, and the color will return.
Food grade export quality with formal inspection report;

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