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Pressure sensitive sealing gasket Sealing film

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Pressure sensitive sealing gasket. Sealing film

Material: electromagnetic induction aluminum foil seal gasket
Single thickness: multiple dimensions, approx. 1MM diameter
Process: compound, gravure printing

Pressure sensitive sealing gasket is pressure sensitive gasket: pressure sensitive gasket, also known as pressure sensitive gasket, is composed of pressure sensitive adhesive and ps foam gasket, can paste in the mouth of the bottle under external force, play a role in sealing and preservation.Single plate, no aluminum foil, at room temperature by the cap lock pressure to provide sealing function.

Product features
Aluminum foil sealing gasket is suitable for PET (polyester), PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene), PVC (polyvinyl chloride), PS, ABS, glass, etc all kinds of container seal, widely used in food, medicine, cosmetic, agricultural chemicals, oil, detergent, hair care products, alcohol, and other industries, with leakage, preservation, metamorphism, anti-theft, moisture, and so on.

Pressure sensitive gasket function: pressure sensitive gasket used in glass bottles, metal bottles and various plastic bottles.

How to use: you just put the gasket on the bottom of the cap (the printed side is facing the bottom of the cap) and screw the cap tightly.After about 100 minutes, when the cap is removed, the pressure-sensitive gasket is tightly attached to the bottle mouth, achieving the purpose of sealing.

Gasket application: it is suitable for non-liquid and paste food and medicine packaging, no matter it is glass or plastic bottle, it can be used.The degree of adhesion depends on the ambient temperature, bottle cap pressure and other factors.

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